our mission and vision

Our Mission

To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, form fully devoted followers of Christ, and equip families to transmit the truth of God’s Word to the next generation.

Our Vision

To be a closely connected family of Christ followers who are growing in our love for God and each other as we extend Christ’s kingdom on the earth.

Our Motto

Loving God, Loving People


our values

We value people…

… because it is people for whom Jesus died. We love people in their imperfections – because that is how God loves us. We love people enough to tell them the truth about the need to turn from sin and receive the grace that God has made available through Jesus.

We value authenticity…

…and being honest in everything we do. We don’t pretend we are more than we are. We want to be honest about our weaknesses, our mistakes, and our failures, knowing that God already knows us and accepts us where we are and will take us where we’ve never been.

We value the family…

… because we believe the Bible teaches that God created and ordained the family to be the first place where truth is transmitted. We will empower parents to model and teach what it means to follow Christ so that their children and children’s children will grow to do the same.

We value kingdom-centered living…

… which is living with Christ as our Lord and King as our first priority in life, in spite of today’s highly individualistic, me-driven culture.

We value global ministry…

… and we will do all we can to help bring the good news of Jesus to our community and beyond to the nations of the world. Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you…” (Matthew 28:19-20).

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our priorities

We have chosen these five elements as essential for us and for a balanced and healthy church. They help us plan, they guide our actions and help us to focus our energies on what is most important.


We believe worship is at the heart of a relationship with God, and is the reason for which we were created. The God revealed in Scripture is infinitely holy and good and is therefore worthy of all adoration. We believe worship, while it includes vocal praise, is a life fully surrendered to and devoted to God.


We believe the purpose of the church involves not simply introducing people to Christ, but teaching them to observe all that Jesus commanded. In order to help produce fully devoted followers of Christ, we will give priority to the teaching of God’s Word with the goal of ever-developing transformation into the likeness of Jesus.


We believe prayer is the primary means by which we commune with God, as well as the means by which we partner with God on the Earth. Jesus modeled and taught His disciples to be people of prayer; therefore we endeavor to make prayer a vital part of all we do.


We believe God created us for community, and the church is a place where people come to “do life together.” It is in the context of Christian community that we are able to live out the teachings of God’s Word by loving, serving, encouraging, and building up one another.


We believe outreach involves not just sharing the good news of Jesus, but meeting needs and serving a hurting world. At The Bridge we want to resist the natural tendency toward being inwardly focused and always be about reaching out to others with God’s unending love.

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