Crossing (Gr 3-4)

The Crossing is our ministry to students in 3rd and 4th grade. We explore scripture chronologically through God’s grand redemptive narrative where God is at the center of every lesson using the TruStory Curriculum. Some elements of our class include free-play games, classroom traditions, storytelling, worship response, small groups and a prayer of blessing. At The Bridge, we believe that spiritual learning should take place in the home, passed on from parent to child.

We also believe that the role of the church as your faith community is to support and partner with the family in this endeavor

Helping Kids and their families meet Jesus and become more like Him.

Partner with parents by offering a safe and fun environment for 3rd and 4th grade students to clarify and deepen their Faith as they freely worship God, engage in storytelling, practice listening to His voice and respond to what He is teaching them.

Homefront Weekly Logo-01

Click on the link above for this week’s Homefront Weekly.  This resource is provided as a family resource with each week’s lesson and is designed to help the family intentionally spend time in God’s Word together before coming to church.  This way, you as the parent will be the first to introduce your child to the Bible content they will hear at church, preparing them for the upcoming lesson.  By providing this resource, we hope to support the parents and grandparents as they spiritually nurture their children.